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We have over 30 years of working experience in Asia and Europe. One of the founders of Peak Education, Dr. Sikander Khan, has been extensively working in Asia since 1977. The other founder Mrs. Elisabeth Berg Khan, has been working with international development cooperation assistance for more than twenty years and spent several years in Asia.

Dr. Sikander Khan

Dr. Sikander Khan

Professor, Managing Director Peak Education

Our Projects Worldwide

For over thirty years, Dr Sikander Khan as a Chief Technical Advisor (CTA)/Project Leader for promoting FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), has been giving advice to UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), Governments, and various other MNCs on FDI in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Peak Education

Our mission is to work with sustainable ecotourism projects from multiple perspectives, taking into account environmental, economic and social dimensions, based on renewable energy, fossil fuels free with net zero carbon emissions, where people live in harmony with nature in the shape of forests, mountains, rivers, glaciers, wetlands and wildlife, etc.

International Activities

Dr. Sikander Khan has arranged and organized, attended, chaired, panelist, acted as a moderator, supervised PhD and Master’s thesis, and/or presented papers at over 200 international conferences, workshops, and symposiums in over 100 leading universities in more than 50 countries.

International Accreditation

Project Leader for EPAS, EQUIS, EFMD, AACSB accreditations and certifications at leading top universities in Sweden, China, Portugal and France.

Study Tours

Organize and lead knowledge-based study tours in Asia, Africa and the Middle East for CEOs, Board members and senior executives.


Peak Education’s sustainability objectives are working on projects which are based on renewable energy and contributing to energy efficiency with carbon footprint reduction efforts. We assist our clients who are running or planning to establish ecotourist resorts based on fossil fuel free solutions and aiming at net-zero carbon emissions.

Architectural and engineering partners:

Ranked as # 26 architect company in the world.

AFRY with 17,000 engineers makes them as the world largest engineering consulting company. Presence in 50 countries.